The Humanity Project® creates innovative free programs that work to advance equality and respect for every member of society — especially folks in the LGBTQ community as well as people of color and women. We believe those important goals must apply at every level of our community, including schools, workplaces, churches, neighborhoods, even the highways. These three core values are the foundation of every humanity project program: The need for self-worth within every individual, the importance of equality and respect at every level of society and the celebration of human diversity. We teach these values to both kids and adults through our practical, arts-based methods that are proven effective by empirical testing.

“Equality For Each, respect for all” ™


Anti-bullying Through The Arts 

All-original music, roleplaying, stories, books & more for elementary school students. Instills respect for the equal value of every child by teaching that “Bullying hurts everyone in this school – and it takes everyone to stop it!”


I Care: Just Let Me Drive 

Fun website, videos and books created by teens, for teen drivers… and parents. Instills respect for the equal value of every human life on the roads by emphasizing close relationships with family and friends rather than using scare tactics.

THP4KIDS website 

An online friend for socially isolated kids, including LGBT students, created by older peers. Teaches smart ways to cope with bullying, loneliness and lack of self-worth.


The Humanity Club 

Our Humanity Project program is a live extension of the thp4kids website. We use original arts-based activities and materials to teach the values of “equality for each, respect for all” to handpicked girls of color. We work on their leadership skills including public speaking, helping them to create and deliver a program to their peers that instills greater respect for the goodness and inherent value of every human being. 

One Common Humanity

This program creates a Humanity Project Speakers Bureau in collaboration with other nonprofits and organizations in the community. We arrange and moderate discussions by LGBTQ people as well as African-Americans and women, visiting with local churches and other groups that should better understand these often marginalized members of our society. We also are hosting a series of community symposiums for families of transgender children.



This unique resource is a collaboration among nonprofits and individuals from around the world – all seven continents, including Antarctica. Hosted by the Humanity Project, PeacePage uses images and captions to make a simple point: We all share a common and profound humanity.