Respect ... Given For Free

We did it. On Saturday, January 14, we held our first Respect Rocks event. It was a hit! The Humanity Project and friends from SunServe and other organizations took over a corner of downtown Fort Lauderdale to pass out smiles ... and respect. Look at the pictures for yourself. Our kids held up the Humanity Project's original "Smile!" signs, asking passing adults to smile at them. Most adults did smile back -- and were rewarded with a free "Respect Rocks!" bracelet and a card that asked adults to treat each other with respect. The event's main idea was simple: kids were urging adults to help make a better world for all children. We passed out more than 300 free bracelets and another 300 or so cards. And nearly every adult who was greeted by our kids seemed charmed.

Our Respect Rocks campaign is sponsored by Our Fund and we already are attracting partner nonprofits such as SunServe and HANDY that want to take part as we continue this unique effort. Among all the disrespect, divisiveness and plain nastiness in our society, we believe kids just might start a trend that could catch on in other places. And encourage hundreds of adults to think about their own behavior. Yes, please do check out the few photos we've posted here. And let us know if you'd like to join us or even bring Respect Rocks to your community.