Something Special On TV (and in a podcast too)

The Humanity Project has been featured many times on television, radio and online. Our latest offerings come to you by way of a 15-minute television segment with Humanity Project Founder Bob Knotts, hosted by Miami broadcast personality, Tamara G.

You’ll hear discussions about our programs, especially our antibullying efforts. And some thoughts about the bullying so prevalent in today’s society. Click here to watch the program on Facebook.

We also have posted a new podcast, A Special Day Of Helping. It’s a discussion mainly focused on the annual national holiday called Good Neighbor Day, started in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. Our guest is Jose Soto, a wonderful friend of the community and a top State Farm official in Florida. Jose also is a close friend of the Humanity Project and a frequent guest on our popular podcast. Click here to listen to the podcast on this website.

We think you’ll enjoy both shows. And we hope you’ll pass along the links to your friends and family. As always, we appreciate you letting others know about our free programs and materials. Thank you!