Thank You, Thank You So Much!

We have just received wonderful news from our major sponsor, State Farm. This loyal and publicly spirited company has funded our I Care driver safety program for another year. Their $15,000 grant to us allows the Humanity Project to hold a series of live workshops to show parents how they can help their teen drivers to come home safely. This is a major expansion of our existing driver safety offerings: for teens, I Care: Just Let Me Drive ... and for parents, I Care: Just Help Them Drive. The workshops are called, appropriately enough, I Care Live!


We wrote a blog that gives a bit more info about I Care Live and you can find it at this link: 

The workshops for parents are fun, funny and memorable. 

But we'd like to focus here on our gratitude for State Farm -- and for Jose Soto, their great Community Public Affairs Specialist for Florida. State Farm's support has allowed the Humanity Project to create, improve and expand our I Care program since 2012. Jose Soto has been there each step to oversee and encourage our progress. Through experience, we've learned State Farm really is what it claims to be: a good neighbor to the community. A very good neighbor. We are grateful to this wonderful corporation for all they do, for the Humanity Project and for many other organizations and individuals around the United States. Thank you, State Farm and Jose ... Thank you so much!