More Than Skin Deep

Dr. David Sharaf is one of the finest doctors I know. I've been his patient for more than 20 years. But he's also a caring member of the community who supports the work of the Humanity Project -- and that's why we're talking about him again today. Dr. Sharaf is a skilled and highly experienced dermatologist who works with Skin and Cancer Associates/Center for Cosmetic Enhancement. Visit Dr. Sharaf's web page.

He's found and removed more moles, skin tags and other oddities from my skin than I prefer to admit. But with his efforts, I've managed to keep my fair skin relatively healthy despite almost 28 years of living in the harsh South Florida sun.

And when I asked him to sponsor my then-young nonprofit organization, he immediately agreed. No hesitation, no questions. Just, "Sure!" Dr. Sharaf and Skin and Cancer Associates/Center for Cosmetic Enhancement have been with us ever since. To me, well ... what else do any of us want in a physician? We want our doctors to have much experience, detailed knowledge as well as expert diagnostic and treatment skills. Dr. David Sharaf surely has all that. But we also want our doctors to be caring human beings who understand we're not merely flesh and bone and blood. Dr. Sharaf has that quality too. And so today, everyone at the Humanity Project once more offers our sincere thanks to this fine partner. And we hope you may consider making Dr. Sharaf your dermatologist whenever you next need medical treatment for your skin. We think you'll be pleased with the results.