National Teen Driver Safety Week


Yes, there is such a thing: National Teen Driver Safety Week. And it’s not just some invention of a special interest group. This week was designated by Congress in 2007 as a time to raise awareness about a sad reality: More teens die from car accidents in the United States than from any other cause. National Teen Driver Safety Week also encourages us to do something to change this. 

For our part, the Humanity Project sure is trying  to help — with assistance from our great friends at State Farm, the nation’s largest auto insurance provider. Through State Farm funding, we created our truly innovative I Care: Just Let Me Drive program. By teens, for teens. It uses the all-important close friendships of teenagers to get inside their heads with a memorable message: “Your best friends want you to drive safely … so you’ll come back in one piece and remain their friend for a long time.”

The image you see above is the book cover, designed by University of Miami marketing students. We also have a website at …  and like all Humanity Project programs, I Care is totally free. At the same time, State Farm is helping schools around the United States to get involved with teen driver safety through the big Celebrate My Drive campaign.This week, many high schools are working to collect votes so they can win as much as $100,000 from State Farm.

They also might host a concert by pop star Kelly Clarkson. You’ll find more info about Celebrate My Drive at this link: National Teen Driver Safety Week can serve as a beginning for teens as well as for families and friends of teenagers, an opportunity to talk about the responsibilities of driving. Our newest drivers are the most vulnerable to highway accidents, injuries and deaths. The Humanity Project and State Farm are two of the many organizations working to make sure those young motorists get a clear message about driving that may save their lives.