The Humanity Project on iTunes

Monarch High students present check for our I Care program

Monarch High students present check for our I Care program


Yes, indeed! The Humanity Project is now available anywhere in the world through the enormously popular iTunes by Apple. You can listen to our new podcasts, and many of our older ones too, by going to iTunes at this link: Visit the Humanity Project Podcast on iTunes. If you have an iPhone, just go to the iTunes store, search for “The Humanity Project Podcast” and subscribe. You can hear us right on your phone. Of course, since you’re on this website you can simply click on the Podcast link on our menu to hear even more of our insightful shows. But the iTunes posts allow many other folks to find us and hear our positive message. We have programs stretching back for years on a wide variety of topics related to our mission. Check them out.

Our latest, “Teens Saving Teens,” is an interview with two of the high school students who are helping us to bring the Humanity Project’s unique I Care: Just Let Me Drive teen driver safety program to lots of their peers. That photo shows them handing us a check for I Care from the proceeds of a bake sale at their school, Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, Florida. Great school with some wonderfully involved students, including Rina and Kevin in that pic along with me in the recording studio. Thanks to them and to their teacher, Greg Kennedy.

And a big shoutout to our Humanity Project Board of Directors Vice President, Matt Corey, who is a greatly talented guy — and who got us up and running on iTunes. Matt is a classical musician, multiple award-winning sound designer for theater …. oh yes, and CEO of Insight for the Blind, which records talking books and magazine articles for the Library of Congress. That’s Matt’s studio you see in the background, by the way.

Finally, we also want to thank our major sponsors, State Farm and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, for supporting these podcasts. You’ll find their logos and links on the podcast page. We couldn’t do it without them!