Humanity Project Making News

Thank you, El Sentinel! This newspaper is one of the most important Spanish-language newspapers in an area of the United States that is heavily Spanish-speaking: South Florida. And the Humanity Project is featured in El Sentinel’s new edition, with a major story on the expansion of our innovative I Care: Just Let Me Drive program: Read the El Sentinel story. That expansion is called I Care 2.0, aimed at helping parents better understand why and how they influence the on-the-road behavior of their teenage drivers.

If you want to know why this is such an important issue, here’s a sobering fact for you: More teens die from auto crashes than from any other cause. And new information from AAA shows us that distraction is the reason for most of those accidents. According to their study, fully 60% of teen crashes happen due to distracted driving. Put two and two together and we come to the obvious conclusion: Distracted driving is killing our kids. I Care helps teens avoid distraction through a clever, witty use of positive peer pressure and friendship. Now I Care 2.0 will get parents into the act too. If we teach parents to practice what they preach about driving, we’ll take another big step toward reducing those teen accidents. That’s because other research tells us parents greatly influence their kids’ driving behavior. We’re pleased that El Sentinel recognizes the importance of I Care and now I Care 2.0 – and is helping us spread the word about our program en Espanol. Muchas gracias, amigos!