Stopping School Violence


This will be a very brief post — for a very good reason. I’m hoping you’ll click on the link at the end of this sentence and spend your Internet time listening to a special podcast rather than reading a longer blog today. Here’s that podcast link: Listen to our podcast, “Stopping School Violence.” 

The half hour program is a chat with Dr. Laura Finley, author of the new book, “School Violence,” published by ABC-CLIO. Dr. Finley also is Vice President of the Humanity Project Board of Directors and an Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Barry University. I interviewed Dr. Finley recently for the podcast, discussing ways to stop school violence before our conversation turned to other topics relevant to her work as an educator and peace activist.

You can buy the book at another link: Buy the book “School Violence.” Those working in fields related to education will discover much valuable information there. And we think you’ll find our latest podcast both entertaining and enlightening. Oh, and please pass along the podcast link to your friends and family. We always appreciate that.