Major Humanity Project Program Addition


We have something important to announce and it pleases us a lot. The new addition to our I Care: Just Let Me Drive teen driver safety program is done. It’s a special booklet just for parents, created by teens as well as our parent consultants and auto safety experts. We think you’ll find it as enjoyable as our original I Care book — fun, funny and memorable. 

The new addition is called, I Care: Just Help Them Drive. This time, teens aren’t giving advice to their peers. They’re helping to give parents a clue through the all-original material, including a smart comic book just for those parent drivers. Research shows that parents have an enormous influence on the behind-the-wheel behavior of their kids. If parents drive while talking on the phone or texting or checking sports scores, their teens are more likely to do the same.

That’s the message of I Care: Just Help Them Drive. And the booklet delivers the point powerfully but without preaching. Read I Care: Just Help Them Drive.

Once again, we must thank our great friends and sponsors at State Farm for making this possible. They provided the funds and the confidence in our original program, we provided the information and creativity. We hope you’ll check it out. And please pass along the link to a parent who still needs to learn more about safe driving. As we all know, there’s no shortage of them on our roads.