Welcoming a New Sponsor ... and a New Friend


The Humanity Project is proud today to announce the addition of an important new sponsor — and a valuable new friend for our kids. You may not know the name right now … but you will. Because this educational center for teaching the Spanish language is an official arm of one of the most famous, prestigious universities in the world. We are honored.

The new school is called ELE USAL Florida, which is an acronym for the full name in Spanish: Escuela de Lengua Espanola de la Universidad de Salamanca Florida. The Spanish Language School of the University of Salamanca in Florida. The institution in Spain is nearly 800 years old. The University of Salamanca was the school of Miguel de Cervantes and Hernan Cortes, among many other famed alumni. Christopher Columbus submitted the plans for his New World expeditions to a panel of expert geographers at the University of Salamanca. It is the third oldest university in the world, the oldest university in Spain and acknowledged all over the planet as a Campus of International Excellence.

Now the University of Salamanca has opened its first Spanish language school in the United States. We are fortunate that this took place recently in the Humanity Project’s backyard, at Coral Springs, Florida … only a 30-minute drive from our office. As a new sponsor of the Humanity Project, ELE USAL Florida brings us not only vital new program funding but also fresh talents and resources to share with our organization. We welcome them to the Humanity Project family with open arms. Click here to visit the website of ELE USAL Florida.

Let me tell you a bit about the great things ELE USAL Florida is doing. Fully supported by the University of Salamanca, ELE USAL Florida offers a wide range of programs for all ages, starting at five-years-old and continuing through retirees. For kids, the school teaches afternoon immersion programs that focus on learning through the arts for younger children – much as we do at the Humanity Project. Theater, music, dance, literature and more are used as tools to connect with young hearts and minds. From ages 12 to 15, fun is mixed with a more academic approach to help these young people grasp the Spanish language. ELE USAL Florida also provides dynamic courses for older students as well as programs geared toward businesses and even Spanish teachers and senior citizens.

With Spanish spoken now by more than a half billion people worldwide, most of us could use at least some knowledge of the language. Here in the United States, we are home to the second largest population of Spanish speakers, behind only Mexico. ELE USAL Florida is an innovative way to learn Spanish, taught by experts with a vast tradition behind them. And ELE USAL Florida promotes the Hispanic culture as part of all courses and activities.

The Humanity Project is very proud to add ELE USAL Florida to our distinguished roster of sponsors. You can find the full list at this page: Visit the Humanity Project Sponsor page.  We very much look forward to working with the new Spanish language school and its remarkable owner, Rosane Santana, for many years to come. We believe our partnership can benefit children, families and the community at large in South Florida and beyond. Thank you, Rosane and ELE USAL Florida.